UYISENGA NI MANZI in the 22d Commemoration of the Genocide against Tutsi

April 12, 2016, UNM team with students representatives were in commemoration of genocide against tutsi in Rwanda. These 70 young girls and boys were coming from different corners of Kigali to attend the event and then share with their colleagues in their respective communities.

Activities tarted at UNM HQ with briefing given by Gatera Egide, Education Officer, which was followed by a march to Gisozi Memorial Site in Kigali City. Aegis Trust which is in charge of the management of the Memorial helped UYISENGA NI IMANZI team to watch a documentary film explaining the genocide committed against Tutsi.

After this documentary, the group undertook the following activities:

  • Tribute to the victims of the Genocide against Tutsi with Aegis Trust
  • Tour in the Museum of Kigali Genocide Memorial
  • Presentation about the genocide ideology and Strategies in fighting the genocide ideology by Uwihoreye Chaste
  • Benefits of the commemoration by Ancilla Mukarubuga
  • Exchanges, testimonies and debriefing

Participants have appreciated the event and were able to commemorate and also to benefit from this healing moment.
Our gratitude to all staff members for the organization and the active participation.

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