Child protection structures in Kamonyi for 2016 joint planning

Wednesday, February 10, 2016, a meeting of Teachers, Parents representatives, local leaders from cells and sectors, security organs, UNM staff members and para social workers have met to formalize child protection structures.

All participants noticed with interest that child protection structures can better deal with problems that affect children in the community, at school and most importantly in their families. This joint action can also better advocate for children’s rights, participation and protection.

After the meeting, the following recommendations were formulated:

1. Parents representatives will submit a monthly report;
2. The network will be coordinated by the Education Officer in the sector
3. Hold monthly meeting (all actors for sharing reports and handle any issue;
4. A general meeting per term for parents child protection structures;
5. Hold holidays camp (patronage) and involve many actors (seminars, advocacy).

This pilot model has been an innovative approach elaborated by UYISENGA NI IMANZI since 2015 with the support of Family For Every Child and should serve to eradicate child abuse, drop out and child neglect, involving all actors (children themselves, parents, teachers, local leaders and security organs).

The model is linking education, child protection and advocacy programs

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