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The positive impact of UNM art-based healing on the younger basketball player in Kayonza district

Young basketball players supported by Shooting tough in the three sectors of Kayonza district, namely Nyamirama, Rwinkwavu and Rukara, last Friday they made an incredible presentation showing the good times they had and the impact made to their lives during these trainings on both basketball and mental health services. This is to say they were […]

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The impact of mobile art for peace projects through UNM on Rwandan communities

The documentary is about the impact of mobile art for peace projects on Rwandan communities. MAP has been supporting UNM in the decentralization of mental health services in schools and community. Contextualizing different mental health tools as well training them different professionals around the country with the aim of upgrading the mental health services in […]

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Community Based Counselors Trainings in 189 villages of Nyagatare and Nyaruguru districts

August 2022, UYISENGA NI IMANZI in collaboration with Munini and Nyagatare hospitals through BAHO NEZA project, which is supported by the IMBUTO FOUNDATION provided the trainings to mental health service providers. From 189 villages, in which we have selected 2 community based counselors (CBCs) and 18 schools (Abahumurizamutima) from four sectors of NYARUGURU district, which are Mata, […]

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Promoting mental health Awareness and Healing

Mental health are conditions that affect a person’s thinking, feeling, mood, or behavior, such as depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction…, and it is observed as a serious factor that could lead to other health problems when left untreated such as; loss of one’s hope of life, inability to concentrate to one priorities (Job, studies, family, relationships…) […]

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Building Resilience Among People With Mental Health Issues

Uyisenga ni imanzi has continued psycho-social support activities in schools and health centers by creating clubs where therapy practices should pass through in the process of healing psychological wounds of the students and various people, including the HIV/positive (people under ARV medications), teen mothers and outpatient of the mental health services, where they all get […]

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Uyisenga ni Imanzi programs aim to promote mental health and wellbeing

Originally, Uyisenga ni Imanzi was established in order to help the vulnerable survivors of the genocide that were suffering various consequences with a specified focus on child orphans.Yet now, 22 years post-genocide, Uyisenga ni Imanzi is still managing to make a significant impact within various communities across Rwanda. Although the child population has changed, the […]