Mental health program has facilitated the process of mindset transformation

UNM mental health program facilitated the process of mindset transformation within all programs, it is applied to all participants and beneficiaries in such a way that, it supports all the work we do and the support we provide for our participants. Mental health program deals with emotional issues, in order to minimize and heal the consequence of mental health illness. It is in that sense we take it as first aid to the participants in need while being supported in related programs, and before any other support is provided. As mental health services are supposed to be provided to different categories of Teen mothers, Drug abuse addicts, Street children, Genocide survivors, we have all these categories in other programs that we are much concerned about.

It is in that regard, UNM has recognized and credited arts and healing clinic centers in both Kigali and Rwamagana to provide mental health services including face to face and online psychotherapy and counseling to Rwandans in need, in which we have 4 part-time high qualified professionals to intervene with clients at UNM clinics. It had extended its services to all districts of intervention in order to bring mental health services closer to the participants and people in remote areas, schools, and hospitals as well. UNM psychologists are placed in each district to provide possible support to the above needy. this has shown so much change in the process of attitude and mind transformation whereby participants are now no longer timid and shy to speak out and started to feel free in every single thing they do and share a life of a change.

Mental illness can be treated and for more information or need help visit us on

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