UNM is operating into four wide programs:

Economic Empowerment and Livelihoods

The UNM Economic Empowerment program is being implemented in two districts; Rwamagana and Rubavu districts, this aims to eradicate extreme poverty among youth, vulnerable families and families of former street connected children in those areas with intentions of turning subsistence farming into modern profitable farming of knowledge-intensive and attractive, by transforming mind-set of the rural young farmers into professional farmers through cooperatives.

Education, Life Skills and Child Protection

A Child protection program cares for children most especially street connected children and their families, by providing basics for life such as education, psychosocial support, rehabilitation and reintegration, and building capacity of their parents to sustain stay-home of reintegrated children and be able to pay their school fees on their own.

Advocacy, Communications and Partnership

This boosts the health of the organization, and collaboration is so significant to strengthen it up, which takes in many people, skills, practices, changes and tools to increase the recognition, awareness and support from mutual benefits and also tracking the progress of organization as well as sharing experience and deliver services effectively.

Mental Health and Psychosocial support

UNM Mental health program is a cross-cutting program that works for all programs in UNM especially for Child protection and also supports other program in building resilience over challenges and be efficient in their respective activities and of course, it has some specific mental health projects