Joint Actions in setting Psychological service in schools

We welcome a Joint Program in setting Psychological service in schools, since March 2018. This new service is piloted in some schools to provide psychological support to students, parents and teachers for peaceful relationships.

Psychologist with pupils at Gr Sc Remera Catholique

This service will not duplicate, disturb or replace any other; it is fashioned in the manner that it is a space where students and teachers meet professionals, Psychologists for healing. This space may also support educational system and enhance positive parenting.

Psychological supports starts by bringing all teachers on board

Partners involved in the program are: UYISENGA NI IMANZI, Centre Cyprien &Daphrose Rugamba (CECYDAR), Rwanda Psychology Society ( RPS), Schools (GSC Saint Aloys, Gsc Cyimbazi, Gsc Saint John Bosco, G Sc Remera Catholique, G Sc Kagugu Catholique).
The Psychological service in schools will be associated with capacity building and referral mechanism to specialized institutions (Psychiatric Hospital, Psychological Rehabilitation Centers and Hospitals).

Group Photo Psychologists, UNM Team and Partners

The approach used is the quick therapy which focuses mainly on finding solutions to the sufferings instead of perpetuating on problems.
Some techniques used to lay down for handling different disorders or stimulate expression are:
-  Designing closed-ended and open questions
-  Positive connotation/empathy
-  Meta-communication
-  Co-therapy
-  Reformulation of questions
-  Silence and;
-  Helping the patient/sufferer build a resilient mind, stimulating anti-bodies.
Expression is the only cure to the psychological suffering, and we will create space for that reason, such a room or an open space. All institutions are committed to contribute to this joint program in selected schools in Kigali, Rwamagana and Kamonyi.

Psychological support starts @G Sc St Jean Kamonyi


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