Campain on ECD’s under Child Protection

On Monday 22 of January 2018, the organization launched the Campaign: “Together for ECD’s”.
UYISENGA NI IMANZI has sent delegates on six sites: Gisanze, Cyoma, Kiyovu, Rubiha, Nkira and Rugenge.

They have met parents, kids and local leaders. The total number of parents met were 153, children were 162, and 6 local leaders and 5 Executive Secretaries.

The 4 key points discussed were about:
1. Investing in children
• Children’s rights
• Parents responsibilities towards children
• The role of Leaders in the protection of children
• UYISENGA NI IMANZI’s role in children’s rights promotion
2. Strategies to provide porridge to children in school: UNM has provided
materials and parents will contribute in nature, works or money
3. Maintenance of the school: the community will facilitate take care of the
hygien and local leaders will ensure the security and the sustainability
4. Election of Structure: Parents have elected representatives and advisory
board to ensure the ownership and the sustainability.


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