Evaluation of UNM activities in MWULIRE..

Evaluation of UNM activities in MWULIRE Sector of RWAMAGANA District by JADF committee took place on Monday 25th September 2017, from 10.30 am to 2.00pm.

The delegation was composed by JADF Permanent Secretary, Ms Beatha Kamanzi and the Mwulire Sector Education Officer, Mr Safari Jean Baptiste .

Evaluation by JADF Rwamagana in a Foster Family

A briefing session has started, with a presentation of UNM organization and activities implemented in MWULIRE Sector:

1. Education: Provision of school materials, payment of school fees, contribution in building ECD’s, training of teachers in ECD’s, capacity building for increasing the quality of education through debate sessions, psychosocial support, carrier guidance…

Debates increase self-confidence

2. Economic empowerment: Trainings, provision of small scale animals (pigs), technical support to the youth in horticulture (skills), provision of inputs to group of young farmers, linkages of farmers with buyers.

3. Child protection: Creation of Foster care groups, technical support on civil/birth registration, fighting against the school drop out.

After the short briefing, field visit and evaluation have continued as follow:

• Rubiha nursery School to see how community members are getting involved in owning the child protection program, building themselves ECD’s and getting UNM contribution of tiles, equipment and teacher’s training.
• Kimbazi Secondary School to see the pigs provided to the students by UNM organization, the farm in which they practice agriculture with UNM support, and students who are getting school feeding from UNM).
• One member of a foster care group established UNM who has adopted a non biological child.
• UNM Demonstration farm where participants come to get onsite training.

Visitors have appreciated tremendous activities conducted in Mwulire sector by UYISENGA NI IMANZI and have advocated for:

• Around 201 students who are not able to get their school feeding easily; only 95 students are being served by UNM; if possible they wish the number to be increased.
• A continuous provision of training to the teachers in ECD’s.
• Additional support to parents in nursery schools to avoid drop out.
• Additional funds for the ECD equipment (Chairs and tables for teachers).
• Encourage community members to avail ECD’s not later than December so that rooms should be used in January.

We express our recognition to Mr Gilbert MUGWANEZA who represented UNM in this evaluation.

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