UYISENGA NI IMANZI demonstration plot in Rwamagana district

Following successes and failures with youth farmers, UYISENGA NI IMANZI has initiated demonstration plot as a” learning practical space for community members, particularly youth. The plot is in Rwamagana district, Mwulire sector and will benefit to UNM beneficiaries around, but also will serve for training to other people from other regions.

It will help to explore different profitable crops and farming techniques, since a professional Engineer is based there, conducting experimentation, onsite training and the site management and UNM has an Agronomist well experimented in the agro-business.

The demonstration plot is very more useful because the organisation has also, under Icyerekezo project, with the organisations World Jewish Relief and Lemon Aid strengthened the agri-shop where farmers will find equipment, seeds and products to increase their crops, while fighting against diseases.
New Farmers are ready to be trained in horticulture and we expect creating new hopes and new vision, focusing agriculture and opening minds to other opportunities


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