Lessons For Life Foundation with Uyisenga ni Imanzi in Education Program

We have been lucky to meet with a delegation from Chello Foundation in monitoring and evaluation (March18 &19, 2012). As new partner, that was a training and refreshment workshop on how to implement Education support by Chello Foundation.

During the visit, a meeting with all staff involved in the project has clarified some issues to emphasize on in order to make education program with Chello Foundation a success. These are the openness and the flexibility in the partnership, and full respect to the terms of reference in the identification of children, the monitoring and evaluation.

A field visit has also been done to meet the community which has taken part to the identification, school authorities and children themselves in their respective households or school.

Dr Imaya from Chello had an opportunity to be informed on what is going on and to give advice, but also to face new realities in Rwanda. UYISENGA NI IMANZI team enjoyed this useful visit and has made commitment to contribute to the success of the project, especially in Kamonyi, Rwamagana and Nyanza districts.

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