Education and Care as the Key to Shape the Future!

If students, beneficiaries of Uyisenga N’Manzi are about to go back to school, we provide school materials and encourage them to improve their max.

“We can do good things for good needy people when we work together. It is our pleasure and privilege to provide these items to children, “says Irene (education department). We do this because most of them have no means, no way to find these materials. We do not only provide materials but also encouragement to young people, those who performed very well are awarded; all of them are told that going to school requires so many things including carefulness and self discipline.

Manzi Alexis S5 ELEC says: “because Uyisenga N’Manzi trains us about how to work and has helped us developing good organizational and teamworking skills, we will be able to work hard and improve at school; we are going to be role models.” Mukamwiza Hadijda S4 accountant says: “I couldn’t afford to buy them all. It’s just a real blessing to be able to get these for free”, a lot of families need help,” she added.

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