Story circle exercise to heal emotional wounds and depart from painful history

esterday there were tears and joy to UNM staff, as Uyisenga Ni Imanzi seeks to promote Rwandan mental wellbeing; it is for that reason, it has to prepare training to be delivered to parents and caregivers of street reintegrated children. In Kinyarwanda, they say “umuntu atanga icyo after”, which is why the assigned staff has been trained and practiced some of the exercises to be used in the training with parents in order to heal themselves and strengthen their emotional life before serving to others.

Furthermore, the practiced exercises are Inkubi y’umuyaga, story circle, sankarewa, musical story, and stew pot. Therefore, the staff started with inkubi y’umuyaga exercise where the team has stated that it has made them happy, being together, extracting them from emotional issues, and so on. Additionally, the team had a great chance to share and externalize their painful stories, with a story circle exercise. It was really hard but profitable as each of the team had a chance to separate a bit themselves from those memories, thoughts, emotions, and hard challenges they met in their lives. Moreover, the exercise had made everyone crying but also felt free from their history as well as build resilience and the problem was not still theirs alone. Lastly, the acquired force and resilience have been strengthened thanks to the musical story and sankarewa exercises.

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