Our efforts to bring smile on children’s faces

Uyisenga Ni Imanzi (UNM) as child focused organization has been protecting vulnerable children from risky behaviors. Since the beginning of this pandemic, UNM has been doing incredible work of supporting 524 children with their families. It has been not easy to do this during this period of Covid 19 pandemic. Most their family members were doing informal jobs like street vendors, farming… This has affected many vulnerable families used to survive from those small jobs, leaving them under deficiency of food and other essential needs. UNM has thought of how these children should be supported until the reopening of schools, so that we minimize school drop outs among target population and also to adapt the reintegration of street children to this situation.

Children must grow up in caring families

It is against this emergency that we managed to support 238 families with foodstuff and sanitation materials during this tough period in Gasabo district, 236 families in Rubavu district, and to accompany 351 children with school fees and materials while they are going back to school. 173 supported with only school material because they may at least find school fees or get additional support somewhere else.

Provision of support for education and call parents to come in

Regardless of the challenges, UNM has continued to follow up on the children and their families with regular visits and therapies, the most important part of the process of UNM’s Reintegration model for street children. Through this process, not only children need therapy but also their parents to take part to their responsibilities under “positive parenting program”. UNM has mobilized saving groups with parents in the same zone and it is taking an advantage of those groups to support families with small grants to start a business for their children’s education under “Family Business Support for Education”.

Small groups trained on family and group business

We are so grateful that our children who made it through hard times and appreciate support that they were provided with, thanks to all UNM partners in this program ( Gasabo district, Rubavu district, Rwamagana district, Kicukiro district, Kigali City, Rwanda Local Government, National Commission For Children, Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion, National Rehabilitation Services, Family For Every Child and Street Child UK)

No child should be left behind

Let’s all support Rwandan child to build a better future. Not very demanding indeed, our efforts have brought smile on the children’s faces.

Joint actions are more engaging with parents
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