How can we sustain a modern agriculture within farming groups and smallholder farmers?

Uyisenga Ni imanzi is currently supporting more than 1600 young adults in farming groups, as it is developing the spirit of working together rather than individuals. This is through building their capacity by providing material and non material support to mindset transformation. It is in that sense, that we focus on agronomic practices to sustain farming as a business.
Farming as a business is an approach extended to working with farmer groups during agricultural interventions. To development and sustainably increase income of smallholder farmers. This involves scientific capacity building as an essential to modern agriculture, but groups only cannot maintain that business because they may bring short term success of farmers but also it will be easy for the groups to drop out and waste the profit as long as they do not have formal working system.

The only way to boost and sustain farming groups is creating cooperative scheme that could be linked to the financial institutions for basic financial services provision regardless of income status. In regards to this, we are creating networks with more groups in it so that we prepare farmers for the cooperatives, and as they have been provided with inputs they keep the spirits of dependence which noticed in their feedback which we always fight against. We are preparing and training them through networks to be business oriented people with self reliance mind, so that by the time they are creating formal coops they will work towards their goals not waiting for anyone’s help but they may attract different opportunities from different channels.

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