An added value with UNM: Psychological services in schools

UYISENGA NI IMANZI (UNM) has launched a new initiative in its education program in implementing Psychological services in schools under the project “Education and Care”. The pilot project started with 5 schools, based on joint interventions to promote healingquality of education, student’s performance and more improved care to children.

The program is implemented by UNM team in Schools, in collaboration with teachers, parents, community members and Psychologists from Rwanda Psychological Society with the support of Lessons for Life Foundation and Family for Every Child. It is conducted in rural and urban area, with the aim of providing psychological services to students, parents, teachers and school staff within the schools with the aim of preventing and eradicating family separation and offering the children with specific care needs in a relevant environment to improve their school performance via safe attractive, caring and friendly schools.

The model follows four approaches:
• School psycho-social model: train psychologist and school teachers who are responsible for the intervention in schools;
• Internal and external intervention: children, parents or teachers meet trained teachers and psychologists for individual, family or group sessions in therapy;
• Referral mechanisms: trained teacher or psychologist think the child or parent need to be transferred to external services and proceed without delay;
• Care for caregivers: trained teachers and Psychologists meet regularly for intervision peer supervision) or meet supervisors (clinical supervision).

Expected outcomes
The project will enhance the student’s performance through revision groups initiated in schools and career guidance sessions. It will also help teachers to have more interest and motivation in better knowing their student’s life while parents should be more attentive to their children’s wellbeing and discipline. We will do our best to promote positive parenting and to advocate for care services in schools.

The pilot project was elaborated for 5 schools, it has been expanded to 23 in Gasabo, Kicukiro, Nyarugenge, Gakenke, Rulindo, Kamonyi, Nyanza, Rwamagana and Rubavu districts. Each school in the programs comprise trained teachers and psychologists to implement the program.


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