A training to leading farmers in Eastern Province

A workshop for 20 leading youth farmers has taken place in Rwamagana district grouping trainees from Karenge, Mwulire, Gishari, Munyaga, Kabarondo, Gahini.
This training was focusing on two major outcomes: being an evaluation space and a capacity building strategy.

Participative and personalized traing

Two Experts from World Jewish Relief together with consultants and UNM team took this one day workshop to conduct evaluation on Icyerekezo development project, including best youth farmers in chosen topics: entrepreneurship, farming as business, managerial skills, self confidence and share learning.

Group discussion under supervision

The group has been brought to explore all opportunities in agriculture sector, they commit to import skills and share them with their colleagues, they will also increase the market and explore new opportunities working in networks.

They intend to transform the project in a Social Enterprise, linking the social and the economic dimensions, creating jobs and expanding their project.

Group photo at the closing of the training
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