Regional Workshop on Psycho-social and Medical Rehabilitation to Torture Victims

A four days regional workshop on “Psycho-social and Medical Rehabilitation to Torture Victims” was organized by UYISENGA N’MANZI at Hill Top Hotel in Kigali, from August 16, to August 19, 2011.

This workshop is from a package funded by the European Commission (EU) through International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims (IRCT) to 11 partners in the project called “Regional Project on Rehabilitation to Torture Victims in the Great Lakes”.

This workshop grouped participants from DRC (7 organizations: SOPROB, AVVDA, CMM, FEDICONGO, KAF, REMAK, SAP ), Burundi (1 organization: SAP), Rwanda (2 organizations: UYISENGA N’MANZI and ARAMA).

Other partners were also benefiting from this capacity building activity such as NGO’s, Psychotherapist from hospitals, governement institutions, or universities : Ibuka, AVEGA, CNLG, the National Police Hospital and INATEK, etc.

The training was successful thanks to Dr Naasson MUNYANDAMUTSA, Psychiatric and Psychotherapist, who used his professionalism in the preparation and the four days with the group.

Dr Yvonne KAYITESHONGA from the Ministry of Health, proceeding to the official opening, called participants to maximize from the training, focusing on better interventions. She had expressed her satisfaction to the multidimensional approach in the rehabilitation to victims of torture and promised support from the Rwandan Government. She also welcomed partners to the project from Burundi and DRC and called all participants to work hand in hand, preventing, rehabilitating victims and fighting against all forms of violence.

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