Water melon first harvest!

The buyer appreciated the quality of the product as being of good size and internal quality.

Samples were picked to take to the market in search for other alternative buyers. The buyer took also some pieces and promised to return to the field to pick more produce in the next two days.

The participants field may be harvested around 3 times

In other participants fields the watermelons are not yet ready it is expected that they will also be ready to harvest in two weeks’ time.

Mucyo and other members in the land with Martin teaching about how to mulch for water (rain provision).

We are growing watermelons for the first time and we think that it a good choice of crop because the agronomist said that when it has been taken care of it gives much benefit as it is still new at the market. “After so many weeks, I finally got my first watermelon fruit growing. As it’s growing bigger I am starting to wonder if this is not the pumpkin thing!” says Mucyo from one of the associations.

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