UNM encouraging students to go back to school

April 2016, Rwanda is still in mourning for 100 days to pay tribute to more than a million of people who perished by the genocide against Tutsi.

UYISENGA NI IMANZI (UNM) among other actors are doing their best to contribute to the Rwandan reconstruction, focusing on destroyed lives and households. We are convinced that youth will play a vital role in this journey. It is always with great pleasure that we express our recognition to partners that support our efforts and to all staff members to make this happen.

Lessons For Life Foundation is our main partner in supporting education program, mainly in Primary and Secondary education. This term, 511 students, particularly those in boarding schools, are meeting on different sites to get school material, and this will be followed by getting a proof of school fees payment.

The Education Department has been checking financial forms from schools and extra curricula activities during holidays in order with financial report.

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