Building Resilience Among People With Mental Health Issues

Uyisenga ni imanzi has continued psycho-social support activities in schools and health centers by creating clubs where therapy practices should pass through in the process of healing psychological wounds of the students and various people, including the HIV/positive (people under ARV medications), teen mothers and outpatient of the mental health services, where they all get a chance to benefits on the various healing tools to promote their mental health wellness and taking time to discuss. In this regard, yesterday we visited two schools GS Kagugu and created two clubs, 26 primary students and 24 secondary students and also GS Remera Protestant students, here the students expressed their feelings of grief, loneliness, and fear which related to poverty, family conflict, and parents separation.

At the same time yesterday, we had group therapy in Huye district, these are Mbazi health center and Karama healthy center, and 82 people presented, including outpatient of the mental health services at health centers,

the newly created model of group therapy animation through culturally and arts contextualized tools plays a huge role in the healing process of people with mental health issues through therapy practices prepared by UNM, this has brought happiness and hope as well as building and strengthening resilience!

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