A pleasant meeting on research findings in Kigali 13/03/2014

UYISENGA NI IMANZI (UNM) and IDS, with the financial support of Family for Every Child and the technical support of Centre for Social protection have conducted a “Research on Linkages between Social Protection and Children’s care” in Rwanda. The Vision 2020 Umurenge program known as VUP was explored in a remote area of the country with participants among adults, children and staff involved in Social protection.

A Round-table discussion on preliminary findings took place on March 13, 2014 at UMUBANO HOTEL in Kigali. The final document will be disseminated very soon, not later than May. The meeting was an opportunity for Researchers to get inputs and enrich the document as highlighted the UNM Legal Representative and Board Chairman, Dr NDAHIRO Alfred.

This Round-table of participants from various institutions and with different profile and experiences: Ministries, UNICEF and DFID, National Police, Public Institutions, Rwanda Local Development Support Fund (RLDSF) which is in charge of the VUP management, Districts representatives, Local and International organisations, Lecturers and Researchers, Journalists and of course IDS and UNM.

Both presentations, comments by experts and discussions were very useful and fruitful. We thank all of you for the commitment you’ve shown and for taking part for the child wellbeing and care!

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