«UNM OPEN MIKE» was in concert held at GS Rwabicuma in Nyanza District with our team from Kigali in support to UNM Nyanza branch. The Concert began by a small and participatory presentation around four questions on drugs and alcohol abuse among youth:
 What is drug abuse/how do you understand drug abuse?
 When will we say that a person become addicted to drugs?
 What are some types of drugs found in Rwanda?
 What are the effects of drugs on the life of abusers, family, community and country? Lastly what are the preventive ways of drugs abuse in youth?

The audience committed to fight this pandemic, because of the negative effects of drug use: Drugs can make someone to have bad behaviours like fighting with others, killing others, gender based violence, stealing other’s properties, suicide, school drop out for youths, family conflicts, mental disorders, non protective sexual intercourse which expose people to get HIV/AIDS…..This shows that there are various effects of drug abuse on the behaviour and the health; they can cause liver toxicity, brain injury, respiratory problems and other diseases.

Prevention of drug and alcohol abuse can start at home initiated by parents through positive parenting. Parents may talk to their children and explain the consequences of drug and alcohol abuse, they are later reinforced by family members and community members. This generally starts while children are still young and creates a strong foundation for awareness of drug use. Prevention talks at home create deeper bonds and guidance between children and parents, establishing consistency in communication, as well as guidance.

The presentation was followed by the concert which interested very much children and as a nice provision before they start holidays, all songs were focusing on the prevention and the fighting drug and alcohol abuse.